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Are you an existing business that needs to refresh your brand? Do you feel that your business has outgrown your current brand? Studio Fifty-Three offers a free brand evaluation. Fill out the form below and your brand evaluation will be emailed to you..

Brand evaluation questionnaire.

This brand questionnaire is designed to find out the most about your business so we can help create the perfect brand for your business. Please give as much detail as you can. Once you've completed the questionnaire please press the submit button, and we will get back to you.

Brand Values

The following questions will dive into the essence and identity of your brand.

Your current brand.

Show us your current brand and let us know what you don't like about it.

9. If you have any logo files that you would like us to look at please upload them here. Every bit of information you can give will help us to help you.

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Brand attributes

The following questions will dive into the essence and identity of what you would like your new brand to reflect.

10. What characteristics would you like your brand to reflect? Choose as many as you like.

And finally...

It’s helpful if you are able to get some examples of brands you do and don’t like. Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration or google some competitors. The brands don’t have to be related to your business. 

What DON'T you like?

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What DO you like?

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Thanks for filling in the questionnaire.

Once we have evaluated your brand we will be in touch. 

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