This is our recommended package which includes everything you need to launch your small business or to rebrand your current business. It has all the elements of the Standard package PLUS a 5-page scrolling website optimised for handheld devices, domain name, and hosting for a year.

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Brand Consultation
We ask you to fill in a questionnaire that is designed to help you realise your brand potential. We then analyse your answers and during our consultation, we will discuss your ideas and give our suggestions. This is the vital beginning to producing a brand that is perfect for your business.

Logo Design

Once we have established a direction for your brand we get to work and put together three logo options. We then make any amends to your chosen concept until you are 100% happy with the outcome. Your logo will be handcrafted and you will have full ownership of your logo.

Mini Brand Creation

Once your logo is complete we will put together your mini brand document.

Business Card and Letterhead Design

Next, we will design your double-sided business card (one name only) and letterhead using the brand we have created.

Social Media Design

We all know how important having a presence on social media is. So the next step is creating headers for Facebook and Instagram along with an avatar with your chosen logo.

Website Design

We will provide you with a brief to fill out. You will need to collate all the information and provide that to us. We will provide 5 stock photos - if you have specific images you will need to send those to us along with all the text. We will then create your website.

Website SEO

Once you have approved your website, we will index your site - which means it will be searchable on google. This includes basic SEO detail. 


Once you make your payment we will send you your complete logo suite, mini brand, and social media headers via email. Along with your printed business cards, you will also receive the digital file so you can re-order your cards at any time. This is the time your website will be made 'live' and ownership of your site will be given to you. 

Logo Suite
Your logo suite contains print and screen logo formats including a set with a transparent background. These can be used as an email signature, dropped into a Word template, or use on social media and websites.

Mini Brand

This is a two-page document outlining your basic brand requirements. It will include your colour palette, logo use, font guides, and any other elements relevant to your new brand. This way when ever you need to create a marketing piece you will always have the reference to keep your brand looking slick and strong.

Business Cards

We will design, print, and deliver 100 double-sided business cards (one name) to your chosen address. Addition cards can be ordered. You will also receive a high-resolution file of the artwork so you can re-order your cards whenever you like.


We find that most businesses will not require a printed letterhead but instead a Word document letterhead template. We will create and provide you with this - to keep you on brand and looking professional.

Social Media Package

You will be provided with jpeg and png files which you can upload to your social media pages.


Your 5-page website includes everything you need to 'go-live'. It includes a domain name, hosting for a year, basic SEO and indexing so you can be found on Google. 


What you need to know.
You will have full ownership of your logo. This will not be a registered trademark. The fonts suggested on your mini brand are available as a free download with google fonts so you won't have an added cost to purchase fonts unless you would like to use a font that has a cost associated with it. Your letterhead will be a Microsoft Word template and not a printed document. You must provide all the information required for your website - all images and text.